Ok this is part of my personal commitment to get a class series called uncommon sense written down. It is a personal life skills development course. It is meant for those who have an interest in that kind of thing. This book is spiritual not religious. I am a Que, which is an, adherent of Natural Sprituality. If you want to know what my values are then it is here. http://naturalspirituality.org/ique/. Natural Spirituality is an agnostic path and is not associated with or comes from any other religion. This is different from the ground up. You don’t have to believe anything I believe. You need to come to your own understanding. All I provide is the how. Uncommon Sense is a way to prepare for the journey of awakening to a deeper experience of life. It is not for everyone and since this is my personal blog. It is not a reflection of The Onli Corporation. Uncommon Sense is valuable only for those who value this kind of information. It is not for anyone else. Nuff Said

Chapter 1 & 2

# Uncommon Sense
Chapter 1

What is common sense?
The Merriam Webster defines Common Sense as a noun meaning */:*sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

Common sense is central to our existence. We all have a simple perception about mostly everything. It would be cumbersome to navigate our daily lives by depending on esoteric or specialized knowledge. We certainly do not have the time to research and analyze every decision. In order to be in the world we need to have a sense of things upon which we can reasonably depend to make sound judgements. To that end, we need a set of beliefs and presuppositions that we experience as being prudent. We cannot know everything about everything. In order to be in the world we need a sense of things that is common to our experience.

Common sense is not something we are born with. It is something we inherit from our environment. The human society is a remarkable invention that enables the mass distribution of a conception of self that each individual is convinced is unique. When you were born you were given a conception of who you are by your immediate family and reinforces by your culture. What you know of yourself is literally what was reflected back to you. What you believe about your experience is based on how people behave toward you. While we may be obsessed with the notion that we are somehow special. The simple fact is that until we evolve into something more than the product of our environment, we are really just a variation of a copy and that variation has already been done. While our mother’s may give birth to us, it is our environment that gives birth to our sense of self and how to make sense of the world. The beliefs and presuppositions upon which we depend to make sense of the world is not “our” ideas. We are not born with common sense, we clone it and then build on it. Webster defines common as, from the Middle English commune, meaning : belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; Our common sense emerges from a sea of perceptions that are common to our cultural experience.

There is a commonality to the sense of things all human beings have, from the nobel prize winner to the common criminal. We all take the same action over and over and each time is expecting of a different result. We spend the better part of our existence in the pursuit of getting others to reflect back to us what we imagine of ourselves. We are obsessed with making true what is not and making real what has no basis in reality. We accept completely that something is true just because we believe it. We will even kill others who do not believe as we do. It is remarkable that we survived as a species for as long as we have. What is clear and evident from human history is that our common sense of things is anything but sensible. We are fundamentally irrational. This apparent irrationality is not inherent since somehow human beings rise above it and succeed in spite of our best thinking. Having the latest technology is not a virtue that makes us advanced. Technology are tools and any monkey with training can use a hammer. As we look around the world today we find that humans are the same as we have always been. We still do what has always been done. No matter what we may believe about ourselves the truth is self evident. At the end of the day. our common sense, has yet to evolve. It is simply a fact that a sense of things that is common to our experience leads to a world that makes no sense.

At some point in our personal development we come to realize that the beliefs and presuppositions upon which we depend are anything but sound. We get the feeling that there is something that is not quite right , with us, with the world or both. Over the course of our own experience we begin to realize that what we have been taught, this sense of things that is common to our experience, what we were forced to believe, all of it is really a bunch of bullshit. Everything you believe is a lie. What is probably worse that discovering this, is coming to realization that no one lied to you it is you that lied to yourself. You believe because you WANT to believe. If you have any real life experience you begin to figure out that you are missing something. There are simple things that you should know and do but you don’t. You know right from wrong but you don’t seem to care enough to do the right thing. You have lost a part of you that you can’t remember where or when you had it but you know it’s gone. It is like having an itch you cannot scratch. You cannot make it go away. You cope with this incomplete feeling anyway you can. It is this sliver or splinter in your mind that drives you to evolve. Now we need to recognize that evolution is for the few not for the many. Most people just cope. Some, a few, go seeking, searching, looking for that something to fill that whole. Love, family and money are the consumer versions but that never works because those are coping mechanisms not solutions. The key realization is that if you are coping with something it literally means you are keeping it in place and battling it. The cure for incompleteness is somewhere else. What such a person needs is knowledge that leads to a sense of things that more accurately reflects how things are. Something that will help us make sense of a world that makes no sense. Such an individual want more than a sense of things that is common to our experience. What these few are in search of is an “uncommon” sense.

Chapter 2
Common sense, the sense of things we use to navigate our experience of life, is something we inherited. It is common in that all human beings seem to have it but it is anything but sensible. At some point we realize that we are in a world that makes no sense and we are need of an “uncommon” sense.

It turns out that all you need know to evolve an uncommon sense is already known. There is no grand conspiracy, no alien agenda, no destiny (prophetic or genetic) and no secret government plot to keep you from it. There is no corporate agenda to keep you asleep. The government is neither that smart nor that organized. The reason you don’t know is because you don’t want to. You want a conspiracy because you don’t want to accept the truth. You are responsible for your own ignorance. You want what you want but you don’t want to pay the price. You want to keep what you have and get a little more. You want the sweet inside but you don’t want the sour outside. You want your cake and eat it too. The prison of your mind is something you built. You locked yourself in it. The key is in your pocket and has been all this time. You won’t allow yourself to leave, allow yourself to grow, allow yourself to evolve. The enemy is you. It’s you that is against you. The reason you don’t know that you possess what you are looking for is because you don’t want to know. You can search for as long you like but you won’t find the answer because you won’t look at what you see and you won’t listen to what you hear. The facts are that the truth is never hidden. It is your eyes that are closed.

An uncommon sense is not a thing you find. You copied a simple perception then developed and cultivated a common sense. To get an uncommon sense you will have to do the same thing in reverse. The only way to get an uncommon sense of things that is common to our experience is to evolve your perception of the situation or facts. No one can give you an “uncommon” sense. You won’t find it in a book or at the top of a mountain or in some ancient text or some modern theory. An uncommon sense is a product of a deeply personal evolution. One of the truly remarkable things about the human brain is that it comes with a built-in process to evolve itself. It has the power to evolve from a clone into an authentic being. Unfortunately the brain doesn’t come with a manual and you can not figure it out because you have not the tools to do so. This book will not give you an uncommon sense. You have to build that yourself. This book is about how to develop it in yourself.

UnCommon Sense™ is an introspective journey designed to help you develop a sense of things that is more congruent with a modern way of looking at the world. This journey will not be what you expect it to be. It may take you to places within yourself that you are unfamiliar with. All too often it is common sense that determines what we expect will happen and this limits us to the familiar. The courage to explore the unfamiliar is a key character trait that is essential to the journey to an UnCommon Sense. An UnCommon Sense is a tool that can help you awaken, It is a process that can serve as a point of departure for your own journey to your authentic self. The question you need to ask yourself before you take the journey is this: Do you really want to awaken to your experience of life?

Now comes the part of the story where there is a catch.The catch is as with all true knowledge there is a cost. The cost is your opinion. For many people this may be too high a price as we have been taught to value the sense of self that we get from our environment, which is nothing more than someone’s opinion, higher than our own authentic experience of life. It will take an extraordinary effort to truly use your intelligence. Think of it like a muscle that has atrophied (arrested in development at a very early stage), it will feel strange because you have never really used it. You have to allow yourself to experience that secure in the knowledge that nothing is permanent.

At this point I should point out the disclaimers: UnCommon Sense™ is a guide for a mental tool of an agnostic religion called Natural Spirituality. To study Natural Spirituality one must be able to cultivate an UnCommon Sense. One of the core values of Natural Spirituality is that you have to earn what you know by your own efforts. Consequently we operate a little differently from what you may have come to expect from religious or spiritual writings. The format of articles that are drawn from Natural Spirituality doesn’t include testimonials and rarely include examples. This is done to encourage the reader to think about what they have read instead of using rhetoric to convince the reader by manipulating emotions or by mirroring and matching what they want to believe. Natural Spirituality doesn’t have a set of beliefs you need to agree with and rules you have to follow. You have to work on getting the teaching and work out the insights you use to guide your life. In this manner you can come to realize them for yourself.

The way we suggest you use this tool is to take the insights in this course and contemplate them. Take it one article at a time. Read it at a specific time of the day and then take some time to think about it. Read the same article again the next day. Repeat this process for the same article for about three to seven days or until you have milked it for all its worth and you feel that you are ready for the next one. It’s a good idea to get a journal and write down what you think about what you have read focusing on what it means for you and your life.

It is a great idea to work with someone who has been through the process. An Odigo (guide) can meet with you and help you along the way. It should take about 8–12 weeks to get through this depending on where you are in your personal development. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how long it takes. All that really matters is that you get it and come to own it for yourself.

Uncommon Sense is an uncommon sense of things, a deeper perception of that which is common to your experience. It is a different way to look at yourself, the world and the experience of life. This will not change the world. The world will not change until the way we think about ourselves change. If human history has taught us anything it is that evolutionary change is not a mass event. There is no mass evolution in nature only mass extinction. It is not for one to be concerned with changing the world but rather be concerned with changing yourself. Not every member of a species evolves. Evolution is for the few. Uncommon Sense is not about the world. Uncommon sense is about you. Your focus needs to be entirely on one thing: you. Think of this book is not as a destination but rather as a point of departure for your own journey to your authentic self.

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